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Furniture Footies

The quietness you'll love, the floor protection you need!

About Our Furniture Feet Protectors

Furniture Footies are the perfect choice for people who are trying to protect their floors. Whether you are in need of chair slippers or need something to stop desks from sliding everywhere, we are confident that this product is right for your needs. Not only do our products protect the floors – our furniture feet protectors are easy to install, unobtrusive, and attractive when noticed. Try them today and see why people love our products.

These protectors show less dirt and look great in their darker colors and smaller size. Additionally, they are made to fit a range of different leg sizes. To make things easy, you will not need any tools to install your chair, desk, or table leg protectors. Please take a look at the many great selections we have available and place an online order today. We are confident that you will be pleased with the products you purchase.

Furniture Glide Sizes

Assorted Furniture Glides


Haven’t we all learned when growing up that the cheap and quick option isn’t always the best, especially for items that should last for years? Tennis balls are not solely filled with air, as believed by most school administrators who utilize these sporty orbs at their schools. In fact, they contain in their center a hollow core filled with latex toxins and, even in some cases, nitrogen gas. It doesn’t sound like something students, and teachers should be inhaling day in and day out, right?

Our children, to most of us, are the most important things in our busy lives. Most have to spend an average of 8 hours per day, five days a week in school and, during those thousands of hours, we assume them to be breathing healthy air. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has reported that indoor air contains 2-5 times more pollutants than outdoor air and, coupled with the toxins released from the tennis balls, this can put teachers and children at risk for developing health-related problems.

  • Furniture Footies have a durable polyester blend outer covering.
  • Natural rubber inner core not synthetic.
  • Allergen/latex free.
  • Safe in any environmental setting.
  • Precut with safety in mind.

Saves time and money by protecting the beauty of all flooring types such as tile, laminate, hardwoods and any other hard floor surfaces!

Our Product

Our product
9 Months

(4mm thick natural rubber inner core with a quality polyester blend outer cover)

Their Product

Their product
3 months

(Thin felt outer covering with a synthetic inner core)

Competitors Product

Their product
9 months

(Synthetic inner core that cracks and splits)

Furniture Footies® Benefits

Shows less dirt and looks great due to the attractive darker colors and smaller size.

Furniture Footies Are Latex Allergen FREE
Click The Link To Read The Latex Allergen
Official Lab Report

  • Durability: Thick inner core that won't crack, split, nor fall of a furniture leg-not synthetic
  • Cost Effective: Competitively priced and will cut down on your maintenance costs.
  • Safety: Precut-no tools necessary! Will remain securely on furniture leg bases-Non allergenic!!
  • Quality: Thicker polyester blend outer covering
  • Functionality: Provides total floor protection while eliminating the noise factor when furniture is moved about. Great for hearing impaired! New and improved larger hole for easier application.
  • Attractiveness: Much smaller than a regular size precut tennis ball. Darker color options that show less dirt.

Furniture Footies Golf Ball Size

Golf Ball Size Circular Cut

  • Will fit a chair leg base of 1 1/4" or less.
  • New increased circular cut of 20mm for easier application.
  • Classroom: Will fit a classroom chair leg base of 1 1/4" or less or 3/4" round non-tapered standard furniture base.

Golf Ball Size Slit Cut

Golf Ball Size Slit Cut

  • Will fit a classroom tapered chair leg base of 1/2"-3/4" in diameter or 7/8" or less round non-tapered standard furniture base.
Furniture Footies 2 Inch Size

Furniture Footies 2" Size

  • Will fit a furniture leg base of 1.25"or less.
  • New and improved increased slit length of 45mm for easier application.
  • Will fit a classroom non-tapered furniture leg base of 1.25" or less or a round 1" non-tapered or square 3/4' standard furniture base.
Furniture Footies 2.4 Inch Size

Furniture Footies 2.4" Size

  • Will fit a furniture leg base of 1.25"-1.5".
  • Slit length of 50mm for easier application.
  • Will fit a classroom furniture non-tapered leg 1.25"-1.5" or a round 1.25" non-tapered or square 1" standard furniture base.
  • Slits can be easily extended for a little larger base with a simple utility knife.

Furniture Footies in Education

The current trend in the education field focuses on techniques and furniture to help active learners focus on the learning process. These might include big balls, rocking chairs, and bouncy bands. Some schools are even including class chairs that students can rock back and forth on.

Furniture Footies' size makes them extremely beneficial to the above-mentioned techniques. The golf ball-size footie was designed with a circular cut, and it can add a little bounce and movement to chairs. The rubber core provides a spring action for learners that move while they focus. Kids seem to pick up right away on the bounce effect and love the slight bouncing action the Furniture Footies add to a chair. The product protects your flooring, quiets furniture, and enhances the learning process for children.

Furniture Footies vs. Furniture Leg-EZ

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